Dasin Rasheed

Dasin Rasheed, 23 years old, is a Record Producer, Songwriter and Vocal Engineer of Kurdish descent originating from East London. Dasin takes inspiration from sounds from the past, all the way to the present. He is influenced by the likes of Frank Ocean, Kanye West and Bon Iver. However, he also takes great pride in older names such as Marvin Gaye and Donny Hathaway, all the way to Chopin and Debussy.

He began his journey as a producer whilst studying for a Degree in singing. Whilst pursuing his degree he started working as a Vocal Engineer in Brixton, South London, alongside producing records and refining his skills overall as a musician. Upon completion of his degree since 2018 he has been working full time as a Producer and Songwriter in North West London.

Dasin is a genre-bending producer who likes to move swiftly from one style to another, Actively studying and enjoying music from all walks of life. These Genres include Pop, Rnb, Soul, Rap, UK Rap, Urban and Dance music. As well as taking inspiration and selectively picking sweet spots from these Genres he also keeps an eye towards the East. Turning back to his Kurdish roots, he finds comfort in learning from the music of his ancestral home.

One of Dasin’s standout qualities is his experience and in-depth knowledge in singing. Having done formal singing education, he is able to elevate the talent of the artists he is working with while understanding their limits and capabilities.

5 years on since the start of his journey, Dasin has worked alongside many talented artists, both as a producer and a songwriter. To name some, he has worked with the likes of MJ Duke, Lucrezia, OSH, Kaory Desole, Ben Dolic, Jaja Soze, Ard Adz, and Dr. Groove. “