Introducing South East London’s finest, Hansén.


The talented rapper, songwriter, label owner and actor is amongst the newest generation of MC emerging from the city of London. Raised in the concrete jungle that is Lewisham. Hansén vividly documents the hardships of growing up in one of the city’s toughest areas in his younger years and accompanies the subject matter with discussions about growth, love and loss all throughout his music. A performer in his younger years, Hansén, found himself in and out of performing arts school after being highlighted as a talented actor in his school years. However, after forming a rap group in 2012, with some of his closest friends. Hansén realised that music was his passion and began to develop his skills. Coinciding with his career as an actor, it wasn’t until 2017, that Hansén decided to go all-in with developing his career as a musician. 


Raised on the music of Kanye West, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, J. Cole, Prince, Jay-Z, and Drake. Hansén is an artist who has been impacted by some of the world’s greatest musicians An artist aspiring to match the ambition of his idols, Hansén, founded the Indigo South label in 2017. On finding the label, he went on to state “we wanted to create a label, where we could give the youth a chance to curate their talent and become world-class performers, who eventually showcase our culture around the world.” 


Renowned for his ability to bend the constraints of genres such as Rap, Trap, Drill and RnB. Hansén, is not just limited to being a recording artist but is also a versatile songwriter and has written music for Germany’s Eurovision representative, Ben Dolic. Hansén is an artist that you can’t afford to miss and clearly is gearing up to be the next great conglomerate in the music industry.


Working in tandem with producers Kazer, RE3WIX and Dasin. Hansén is expected to release his debut mixtape, ‘A Portrait in the Blue’ in the forthcoming year.